Going back on my blog

It’s been a while I didn’t update my blog, so I think it’s time.
I’ll post an update about my selection of mods for GTA IV too (requested by many of you) 🙂

Now that I’m actually working at OTOY, I’ll post some news about ray tracing & 3D techs for people interested in it,
Even video games techs or my opinion on this & that…

I think I’ll go this way with the blog :

– iCEnhancer important news (release or video)
– Brigade or Octane Render news (my work & general work about it)
– Random news about a new engine or tech
– My opinion of what game or what tech
– Some explanations about how video game rendering works, like why & how to set FOV in a game; how do shadows work, what is deferred rendering, etc… (if it’s requested only)

And maybe more, depending of my mood.
I’m really motivated to update my blog now, that I saw I had around 180,000 visitors!!!
Thank you everyone. 😀

Going to change the appearance too, and make it better.

4 thoughts on “Going back on my blog

  1. I Love Icenhancer!! Never thought that GTA could be modded beyond cars & building mods but you brought an amazing change! Thank you so much for the lovely Icehancer 🙂 I just cant get enough of taking screenshots of this game now 😀 and lastly, this 2008 GTA looks better than my 2012 MW 😀

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