iCEnhancer 1.35b – Video & Download

Video about iCEnhancer 1.35b , beta of course.
Lots of things to do , like motion blur, bloom, trees & also clouds, and sky color in the morning & evening.

About the download, let’s be clear.
I’m gonna release 2 versions before the final version.
Not feedback like : “this sucks it’s slow, it’s all white, help me, i’m a noob, i can’t copy paste a file”

So yeah, i’m gonna release the 1.35b soon, in few days, let me fix some stuff first then it’s gonna be available on my website.

Oh yeah, about people not aware of it .


This is where are all the downloads now.

And please, donate if you can, to motivate me to continue, buy me a drink hehe 😛

Cheers people & see you in few days with some updates.


15 thoughts on “iCEnhancer 1.35b – Video & Download

  1. IMHO, the shadows could be a little dark-ish, especially on the cars (I believe the word I’m looking for here is ‘contrast’ 😛 ) (not sure if this is even possible, but you got it ;D )

    Also, why do you like that much of the “grain filter” you put on the videos? It looks like it was recorded by a crappy camcoder hahah 🙂

    Overall, great work, as ever.

  2. rhobsonv – exactly I don’t like that things also!
    shadows should be dark-ish, especially under cars wheels/tyres.

    also that grain filter/noise – is to much of it everywhere

    and just little bit less contrast or gamma (or less colour saturation)- (but I’ve said – JUST A LITTLE BIT) because differents between colours are too much agressive right now. It’s looks great but it’s not reality.

    • Yeah, sometimes the colors “feels” just wrong, right? I know that the car colors can be very strange at some times, but that’s fault of the car mod custom colors…

      There many things that should be changed, but I don’t even know if the engine allows that kind of change. I need to play more too to appreciate the icenhancer more too, but right now my cpu isn’t allowing me to play it smooth… :S

  3. icelaglace – oh come on! In what are you aming now?

    One thing makes your mod (with enbseries) a huge amazing beautiful better way to create an ilusion of reality.

    Just comapre your work with original gta 4 graphics – the rockstars team and their fake colours, textures and enviroment. and yours Icenhancer – whihch is smashing that fake way of world from rockstars.

    I love your mod only because it close to reality view.

    and i know one thing for sure. Any small change more to be more closer to reality view – will increase number of peoples, who will be love you, and your work…

    because we nedd reality in that kind of games. Not fake, not cheep view for children, but reality. And you almost done it!
    keep that way!

  4. Btw, which car fix mod you use? I think I tried every one available @ gta4-mods, but the ones that worked, keep spawning the same cars over and over…

  5. Looks sick. Best DOF I’ve ever seen out of all the ENBs I’ve tried thus far. Texture clarity, and lighting seems to be looking way better than previous versions too. Can’t wait to give it a go. GJ.

  6. thanks man . i love your mod . it’s so fucking greattttttttttttttt .
    but i can’t install it . hardware problem >_< ( my pc can't run GTA IV LOWEST SETTINGS .lol )
    anyway thanks you . i think when i got a bank card . i would donate for you 😀

  7. I copy/pasted the files into the root directory, and installed the high-end settings, high quality depth-of-field, and the star junction fix.

    However, I’ve noticed that my resolution is stuck at 800×600 when I boot the game and after I get into the game there’s this kind of…noise? In terms of color, not sure what to call it, but it kind of ruins the entire screen. I’ll be trying different settings out, but that doesn’t seem like it should be happening.

    If it makes a difference, I have the steam version of the game.

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