GTA IV : My selection of mods

Because I receive like 100 mails per day about what mod should people use , about what I use too, I’m going to introduce some cool mods in this article :).

Some of them that I don’t even use, but might be cool for some people!


The first mod I would suggest is VIVA New York , by Emble. It does replace many ads by real ones, if you noticed on my video, like Star Junction with real ads. Also replaces subway signs, new taxi texture & police cars, new brands, drinks, license plates and more!

Download Link :

Real Billboards by Jalenliu : replace ads in the east part of the map.

Download link :

DKT70‘s HD Road textures :

Vanni‘s HD Trees mod (You better need a lot of VRAM,He’ll update it soon to a lighter version) :


Realistic Driving & Flying by Killatomate :
Adds realistic handling to stock models. A must have !

Download link :

Real Record Gun Sounds by jclewis :
Adds realistic sounds for the guns. Really nice. No more hollywoodian fake sounds, they are crisp and good to my ears at least 🙂
Download link :

ModPack by HippieCommunist :
Created by my friend Alexander, this pack gives you random scripts for ScriptHookDotNet (Google it if you don’t have it)
I also made a video about it few weeks ago.

Download link :

Drive Felony by BR_Goianiense :
Enhancement of Traffic Felony by HippieCommunist (Yes, that’s the Felony Spotted in my videos)
Download link :



It’s simple, go to, go to Vehicles. And have fun. Install with SparkIV (There’s plenty tutorials on the web about it) then done 🙂


I guess that’s it for now. I might create another article about other mods. But you have the main mods I actually use here. Not that much but changes drastically the game ! Like a whole new experience. Try to replay the entire game with these mods 🙂

Also, I suggest you to download Scripthook 0.4.0 and ScriptHookDotNet, Google it on the web, there’s plenty versions for every pack


51 thoughts on “GTA IV : My selection of mods

  1. umm actually in one of ur pics u have a 2011 Mercedes Benz CLS63, where did u get that?cos its defs not on GTA4 Mods

  2. Fuck, I just played The Ballad of Gay Tony and couldn’t even have fun playing it. It just looks like crap compared to the original GTA IV boosted by your mod … nice work though! 😀

    • It wouldnt work, you would be banned from XBox Live and Would need a JTAG’ed Xbox 360. Also the CPU And GPU Wouldnt run the game properly with iCEnhancer, its just too much for consoles

  3. Hi!

    I wonder whether anyone else is having the same problem as I do. My whole minimap is blank, I’ve got the circle with the health and armor, but the minimap itself is blank. Works fine without iCEnhancer, but with that enabled, it disappears. Is there a fix for this issue?

    Otherwise I absolutely love the mod. First game that actually makes my computer feel rather sluggish. Thanks a lot Keilany Hayssam for your awesome mod!

  4. hi, I just wanna know something
    in your first video showing iCEnhancer 1.2 (with a red Audi R8 at the beginning), what exactly are the different mods you used to get all these graphics please?
    Only iCEhancer 1.2? or also ENB and VisualIV.
    I’m asking you these question because i’ve got a very powerful computer, and would like to get the same stunning graphics as yours running on it.

    Thanks a lot for your help and I’m very respectful for your (hard) work.

    • @Mohand iCEnhancer is Modified version of Enb so you don’t need Enb.
      iCEnhancer already contains everything that the videos and pics is showing like trees textures, road textures and other files, Except mods in this page.

  5. Hello, I find your mod brilliant but I just need to ask, do the new vehicles come with your mod or did you replace them with others? And also, I have the Steam version which means it is probably auto-updated to the latest version. Will your 1.25 pack work on it?

    • @Isaac Lu This mod (iCEnhancer) doesn’t contain vehicles at all, Icelaglace didn’t put any vehicle in iCEnhancer. You can download the cars and use SparkIV or just download vehicle pack.
      I don’t know will steam version work with this mod or no, I think no. But anyway try to ask in or search in google.
      About you got latest patch there is folder in iCEnhancer for patch 1070 and EFL, But its Beta version and probably will not look good as the iCEnhancer for patch 1040

  6. Hello,

    What do you use for the different camera angles? like in your videos it’s like a first person or free cam.

    Great job, can’t wait to try icenhancer ver 1.3


  7. Hi! ​​Hello, I am from Taiwan fans!
    iCEnhancer 1.3 is a full version?
    Keep up the
    iCEnhancer great!
    Be careful the Chinese prostitute stolen ICE MOD!

  8. Thanks Ice! Havin’ lots of fun with ENBSeries/iCEnhancer and GTA IV. Absolutely gorgeous. Patiently waiting for updates. Hope you get your GPU problems sorted out soon.

    P.S. – I sent you a tiny donation via PayPal. Now my account is locked, and transaction disputed! You should’ve got an email, too. Not sure what’s going on but I thought this was… interesting. To me, it sure looks like PayPal is racially profiling and thinks I’m funding terrorism because I sent money to an overseas guy with a mid-eastern name! 😀 Fuck PayPal.

  9. I need to get this clear, does all this mods works with the version I get with Steam and also with the latest version 1070?

  10. Thanks so much for this selection Ice! iCEnhancer is simply, brutally, amazing. Makes the current industry standard graphicswise blush from embarassment.
    I used your mod plus your recommendations and made this video which, even though it’s only using v1.25 (therefore might not be very useful to promote the ongoing work with v1.3), is still nontheless something i’d like to share here where i got all these goodies 🙂

    I ended up playing 90 more hours after beating the 13 hour long story mode and installing the mods. Made the experience so much more gratifying and i already wanna replay the story mode, except, with the mods already applied (i was afraid to mod the game and ruin the save data before) 😛

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  21. erm.. my game crashes after loading and i have read the things you should do but i dont understand .. 😐 if any1 could help me that would be great my skype thijs.101 version 1.35 thanks

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    You know a whole lot its almost tough to argue with you (not that
    I personally will need to…HaHa). You certainly put a brand new spin on a subject that’s been written about
    for decades. Excellent stuff, just great!

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