48 thoughts on “iCEnhancer 1.3 Alpha – Preview

    • Haha, Yeah, not the first person mod , but the motion blur yeah. Kinda faked an Object motion blur, if you notice that only peds and objects are sometimes blurred and not the rest 🙂

  1. Hello, your mod is awesome, great work [although I got some brightness issues in 1.2.5.]. But V 1.3 just looks great ! 😀 I have a question : Do you have any other mods or car packs that you might recommend using in combination with ICEnhancer ?

  2. can i post your pc configuration on which u have been runing lastest video? so i know should i download it or not. 🙂 btw nice job !

  3. can u post your pc configuration on wich u runned your latest video? so I can know download/ or not 😛 , btw nice job !

  4. It’s coming along very nice. Just wondering though have you fixed how daytime cloudy looks really flat and overly bright or is that just me?

  5. thanks, I just donated a small amount to you, hoping i can build a new computer to get this running, what specs do you recommend? I can run gta, but just barely on max settings

  6. Hi. I am total noob at modding GTA IV. Are you planing to publish a step by step tutorial explaining how to get your awesome mod to work ?

  7. Any chance of this being compatible with 1.0.7, or can we officially give up on that? And when you say global illumination, you mean indirect, right? If so, what kind of implementation?

  8. Amazing footage 🙂

    I have a question about the feasibility of a possible graphical enhancement for your mod. As I was playing gta, it struck me that one of the most glaringly unreal aspects of the game world was the look of windows on buildings.

    As of now, all games that I know of use flat, 2d textures to represent windows. In other words, while you have the appearance of being in a big city, almost all of the buildings are in reality solid blocks with pictures painted on them. nothing reveals this unreality more than the flat postage stamp windows you see everywhere.

    I was wondering if it would be possible to find a way to give the impression of space behind these windows. One workaround might be to have the buildings be hollow and to cover over these hollow places with objects like blinds or curtains that show only enough to give the impression of inner space without giving away the fact that it is all empty inside or requiring an insane amount of content creation.

    I’m not sure how realistic this might be, but it would be truly groundbreaking if it were possible.

  9. Wow… freakin impressive…love the color grading and lens flare effects!

    Can you tell me the name of that second song??

  10. This mod rules although I do get brightness issues alot of the times inside and outside of the buildings. By the way is that a bug everyone has?? Or is it just me cause I feel that maybe I did something wrong 😦

    • I have a brightness issue as well, when I first start the game (started fresh because of an uninstall mistake :P) it’s like everything is bleached out and messed up.

    • It isn’t scripting as much as converting and file replacement. if you go onto the GTAforums you can find the “real weapon sounds” mod, and see how he does it. Would be more work getting a hold of the actual sounds with quality recording

  11. Hi mate,

    I’ve read the patch notes on some other website(I don’t remember where). If I’m correct, this won’t work properly on right ? I was curious, when the mode is completely finished, will there be support for the latest version of the game. I (and a very large percentage of players) own the Steam version, so sadly I can’t just roll back to … And when will it be finished completely ? 🙂

    Thanks for your time, good luck with your future projects, it is a great work you’ve done with this mode(and it’s still alpha… simply amazing !). Regards…

      • Yeah as a matter of fact I googled it and found some solution. Thanks for advice by the way. This will keep me busy until the full version comes up 🙂

  12. Hey man. Just wanted to tell you 2 things:

    First: BIG UPS to you man, you let GTA look gorgeous again!

    Second: If you ever need another tester for your upcoming stuff, gimme a shout!

    Have a nice day,

  13. First of all, INCREDIBLE work. Really, I just re-installed GTA EFLC just to play it in combination with your Enhancer. Again great job! 🙂

    If you need a tester or someone with state of the art hardware, feel free to contact me by the used email address. Hope to hear from you, if not: Good luck and cant wait for v1.3! 🙂

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  15. Can you provice an official installation howto, I don’t know how to install this mod (1.25 at the moment) on my full patched GTA 4 non-Steam version …

  16. Thanks a lot for this, I’m loving it. It almost works like a charm.

    I still experience the, which should’ve been gone, red sky at some views (depending on where I’m looking at in-game).

    Sometimes when weather changes, the screen turns black, and I’ll have to change the weather with cheat code. At this point I also experience the screen becomes a lot grainy. Of course it disapears when I change the weather :B

    GTA IV Patch < I know it's not fully supported, so I look forward to a iCEnchancer fix that'll get it working 100% for the latest game version :3

  17. please!!!my system is not so bad but with your shaders i have a massive FPS drop. its stuttering like 1-10 FPS….i turned off shadows and it became much better.but without shadows((( which shaders are response for shadows or whatever? so i can reinstall game and this great mod…but…again…without shadow shader

  18. is it possible to disable your shadow shader and use vanilla’s one? should i just install your mod without all shaders that has SHADOW in their names?))
    mod is the best but my system cant manage your shadow shaders(((

  19. Excellent work, my man! The game has never looked better!

    By the way, what is the name of the blue car at 1:00 in the video? Is it a modded car? If so, where can I find and download it?

  20. Hey i was wondering. I got 2 problems, and i don’t seem to find answers to them.

    1. My sky is red sometimes when looking at it.

    2. At night i’m getting noise on my screen.

    Please answer 🙂

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